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MSD Tent


The tent used in the Western Europe Mountain Route. The improved version of the tent that completed the Pyrenean High Route, Alta Ruta Cantábrica, Via Alpina from Switzerland to Monaco...


SAFETY: "Bunker mode" for high winds.

FLEXIBILITY of set up depending on the weather conditions.


Minimum height is shown, in "bunker mode".
It can be increased depending on the set up.


Mode Description
Bunker For high winds. Bombproof. Minimum space.
1 side raised For medium-low winds. More space, ventilation (to avoid condensation) and views. My favourite set up.
2 sides raised For low-non windy conditions. Even more space, more ventilation and more views.
With bike Compatible with the other set ups.


MATERIAL: Waterproof ripstop nylon, "Silnylon". (Extremtextil's product 70770)

Stakes and trekking poles are not included.

PRICE: Actually not available product.

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More photos of the MSD Tent:

More photos of the previous version of the MSD Tent.

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