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Polycro Plus groundsheet


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It's an ultralight plastic sheet with the following characteristics:

- Fully waterproof.

- Very puncture resistant.

- Fully transparent.

- Very light (55gr in 102x220cm size, I ship 250cm).

- Minimum cost, 6€

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¿Why Plus?

The usually known as "polycro ground cloth" or "polycryo ground cloth" has an incredible relation between weight and resistance, but this resistance is in the limit of the acceptable. Polycro Plus solves this problem because it's more resistant and still very light. Its main advantages against the traditional polycro are:

Up to 25% more puncture and tensile strenght.
49% more tear resistance.

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Despite its improved qualities, is advisable to repair any damage caused to the sheet before it gets worse. It's enough just using a bit of any kind of tape. This way, the Polycro Plus sheet will last even more nights of use.

Perfect to:

- Sleep on it, avoiding the contact with the ground's humidity and dirt. A wet sleeping bag isolates worse than a dry one.

- Protect more expensive items. When the floor of the bivy sack or the floor of the tent break or suffer too much wear, the cost of replacing them will be much higher than replacing a Polycro Plus sheet.

- Whatever you want. You will not notice it in your backpack because its lightness and small volume. You can use it as emergency shelter, to take a nap in the middle of your hike, or even to extract water from the humidity of the ground.

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